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 Server Rules !

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Server Rules ! Empty
PostSubject: Server Rules !   Server Rules ! Icon_minitimeFri Aug 17, 2012 3:08 pm

*Respect the GM Staff and other players

*Please do not harass other players in an unfriendly manner. Do not treat them how you do not want to be treated.

*No Advertising of other R.O game

*No buying and selling through PHP or USD

*Using inappropriate language is forbidden. Any insulting, racist remarks, sexual comments, swearing or any other way to insult or threaten other players is forbidden.

*Excessive use of skills is forbidden in towns. like spamming of Ice wall , etc.

*Don't ask GMs for zeny, items, services or anything else. Don't ask them to make events, disguise you, change your size or anything like that. Only PM a GM when you really need their help.

*You shall not impersonate any Immune Ragnarok Online Staff Member and other players.

*Harassment not acceptable on ImmuneRO. Harassment includesconstantly bothering a player, following them around, sitting on them constantly, name calling, and KS'ing. If a player reports an individual for this (With evidence provided) Action shall be take immediately.

*Using 3rd party programs are prohibited in ImmuneRO. If a player has been caught using 3rd party program action shall be take immediately.

*The person who commited the offense of scamming other players will be punished.

*Do NOT beg for items or zeny.

*No Trash Talk

The rules are not limited to this list. Please be sure to use common sense above all when playing Immune Ragnarok Online
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Server Rules !
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